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Ann Gribbons

I know from listening to my students how valuable they think it is to get their lessons on video.

You and I have worked together at clinics a couple of times, and what I found especially helpful was that the riders were given the opportunity to take their videos home from the first day, so they could come back with comments and questions the following day.


We all know what a valuable tool the videos are when we show, because things do not always look the way they "feel', and it is easier to explain the scores to a student when we can watch the video together. Today it is difficult to imagine the times when we did not have this training tool available, and I am very grateful we do!


Betsy Steiner

I find using videos one of the most effective ways to improve my own riding and that of my students. When you can actually see what your doing in the saddle as well as hear the coach's instruction on the video, you can make comprehensive and effective corrections quickly. Your horse will thank you! Richard's videos are quality learning tools.

Lendon Gray

I don't think there is a better training tool than videos of riders schooling and at shows. The possibility of looking at them over and over, each time focusing on a different set of aids or part of the horse, of reviewing recent or long ago lessons, of sharing with one's normal instructor, or even another instructor, of comparing the performance of today with one from three months ago......the possibilities are endless. 

Felicitas von Neumann Cosel

I cannot emphasize enough what an amazing tool a video can be. If you want to get the most out of a clinic situation, check your own training at home or evaluate your own performance at a show, watching your own video will help you to get a realistic view of your and your horse's performance and give visual ideas how to improve.

I could not imagine my personal journey in training horses without this tool anymore. So if you get a chance take advantage of someone taping you !"

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