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Due to the length of clinic videos, the file can only be provided by flash drive. Please feel free to provide your own flash drive or purchase one from us. Audio Included.

Flash Drive  $10

Clinic Video $50

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All videos sent by email link or, by request, a flash drive.

White Fences Dressage $35

Florida Dressage Shows $35

Regional Dressage Champ $35

Tryon Dressage $35

Global Dressage Festival $35

Georgia Shows  JR/YR  $25

Georgia Shows Adults $35

 US Dressage Finals  $40

Sale videos include videography, editing, and a video link to post online.

 Sale Video  $250


For custom pricing, contact Richard. Click the Buy Now button to input your custom price.


Lendon Gray

I don't think there is a better training tool than videos of riders schooling and at shows. The possibility of looking at them over and over, each time focusing on a different set of aids or part of the horse, of reviewing recent or long ago lessons, of sharing with one's normal instructor, or even another instructor, of comparing the performance of today with one from three months ago......the possibilities are endless. 

Mary Wanless

Videos are exceptional training tools for the riders in their quest to improve both their riding and training skills". 

Thank you, Richard. See you next time!

Jane Savoie

I encourage everyone to make it a sub-goal to videotape as many rides as possible and study them when you have the time.It will give you a chance to review your lessons, see what you are doing in a dressage test, and better achieve your goal."


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