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Calender Testimonials



Janet Foy

I love to see that riders are having a video made both for clinics and for horse shows.


For the judges it is very helpful for the rider to see when the judge says " this is a better trot now-or this frame is much improved"


The visual coupled with the feel is very important.

For the clinic rider it is always helpful to be able to review the new exercises.


Jennifer Roth

I cannot emphasis enough about the importance of videos. One can really maximize the productivity of their lesson both visually seeing the problems and seeing the changes occurring from employing the instructors comments. Also due to the concentration necessary while riding the horse, many students don't always hear all the information from the instructor. Comprehension is maximized.

Melody Moore Jackson

Thanks Richard - the videos are very useful. I watch the video with my test score sheet in hand and it's a very illuminating exercise. Thanks for being there!

April Thru Oct Florida Shows

Nov 7-10 US Finals Dressage

December 24 thru April 25 at Global Dressage Festival Wellington Fl

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