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Introducing an Invaluable Tool for the Equestrian

  • What if you could ride by yourself and still be able to video the entire ride to view afterward?

  • What if you're taking a lesson and don't have anyone to video it so you can review?


For sales or technical questions and Discount Code contact Richard's Equine Video.

Hand Selected by Richard for Four Reasons:

  1. Pixio can operate inside and outside.

  2. Pixo range 330' (100 Meters) is compatible with most riding arenas.

  3.  The Pixio components are simple to set up and use.

  4.  Pixio has good Tech support and a two-year warranty!

Other Products Reviewed:


  1. Soloshot works using gps and is limited to outside use or with add on up to 100' (28 meters) indoors or covered.

  2. Swivil had a range of only 30' (Less than 10 meters)